Visa She's Next in Fashion

Visa She's Next in Fashion

Wow, our first grant!

In April, we were selected as the first cohort of the Visa She’s Next in Fashion Grant Program! It was unbelievable at first, because this wasn’t a program we applied for. Being the first cohort of the She’s Next in Fashion Grant Program, the program organizers found and selected the recipients without an application process. What an amazing testament to not only our brand and mission.
Being a recipient of the grant, we were blessed to receive a $10,000 grant, a 1 year mentorship membership from IFundWomen, and a marketing campaign aimed to amplify our brands.

Running a small business is so hard, and sometimes we are caught up in the day to day. We sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture and ensuring that our mission/vision is still being projected into the world that we serve. It’s so humbling to know that our work is being seen, noticed, and celebrated, even without us applying to “share” how we are trying to make an impact. 

Our grant has helped us with cash flow for operations and to establish a marketing budget. The mentorship from IFundWomen has been able to help me as the founder with guidance and accountability in goal setting, scaling, and leadership skills as we grow our business and team. The impact of the Visa She’s Next in Fashion program is not only immediate, but long-term. The tools provided are going to be with us as we continue to build, learn, and grow.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity afforded to us from Visa.I am reminded that our mission of celebrating and representing people of color, and telling our stories through our nail polish collections, is so much bigger than me. Our brand is changing the world for the better, and we are all for it!

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