People of Color

Our First B Aware Campaign
Our first B Aware campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness month was a huge success—and we pulled it all together in less than a month!
Our Biggest Year End Sale
Black Friday Sale, holiday shopping, so much to do and we’re having our biggest sale of the year with 40% off. There is however a twist...
Ayee! We’re in a Music Video!
Can you believe we made it into our first music video, and it features T-Pain and Normani? We can barely believe it ourselves!
A New Team Member!
Towards the end of July this year, I started experiencing business burnout. It was finally time to bring on a new team member for People of Color.
Fall/Winter Collection is Here!
As a vegan nail polish brand we seek to provide our customers with opportunities to learn new things related to aspects of life, history, and culture from people of color all over the world. Native Wellness is another collection in our offerings that does just that with Indigenous culture.
2021 in Review

This year we have launched three beautiful polish collections—a 15-color signature with Mario Tricoci, 6-color Por la Cultura, and 5-color  Native Wellness. All while working with Urban Outfitters, Ipsy, Supergreat, and much more!